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500 gallon vivarium, how many frogs?

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Hello folks,

I'm new to the forum and am converting a 500 gallon reef tank into a vivarium to keep as many dart frogs together as are confortable. I know that everyone frowns on mixing species in small setups, but I wonder who has had experience with big setups and reasonably how many frogs can be comfortable with 24 sq. ft. of bottom area. I hear that the American Museum on Natural History has an exhibit going on now with something like 250 frogs.


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I think it depends on what frog you want to put in there. If you want to go with something like azureus or tincs I wouldn't put more then 20 or so. You may be better off forgoing the more agressive darts all together and go with something like auratus or galactonotus. They do better in groups. If you want to have more then one species I would recommend that you only mix species that occur together in the wild. Example, pumilio and auratus. But don't tell anyone you heard this from me. :wink:

If you are just getting into the hobby I think it would be a better idea to start with just a few frogs. As far as putting them in the 500 gallon or a smaller terrarium I don't really know what would be better. I started out in this hobby with 3 frogs and a ninty gallon terrarium. Not quite a 500 gallon but still pretty large. All three frogs did well for me and even bred. There were LOTS of springtails in this tank and I am sure they contributed to my success with these frogs. Definitely don't start with more then 3 or 4 frogs.

1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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