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New Members Introductions

You MUST post here two times before you receive access to post in other areas of the site.
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Community Messages

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Messages from the Admins & Mods.
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Current and past contests.
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Dart Frogs

Beginner Discussion

Just getting started? This is the section to get your questions answered.
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General Discussion

General dart frog related discussions
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Care Sheets

Articles and species specific care information. A great place to start or research a new species...
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Frognet Feed

This is a feed from Frognet
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Dedicated to in-depth species discussions. Not your average dart frog chit chat.
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Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles

Can't get them to breed, having issues with eggs or tads? This is the section to discuss it...
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Science & Conservation

In depth discussions about science, conservation, and related news. Topics must be warranted, and will be moved if not.
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Member's Frogs & Vivariums

Post pictures and details of frogs and their homes for everyone to see
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Food & Feeding

Culturing, field sweepings, new found foods...
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General Health & Disease Treatment

Sick frog? Maybe we can help
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Bromeliads, orchids, tropicals, moss, and everything green
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Parts & Construction

Enclosures, lights, backgrounds, substrates, and construction discussions
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Identification Forum

No clue what is crawling around your viv? Maybe we can ID it :)
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OLD Other Amphibians

Mantellas, Tree Frogs, Toads, etc...
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Imported content


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Vendor Feedback

Post vendor feedback from your transactions
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Vendor Info & Questions

Post your vendor information and questions here. (feedback is not permitted)
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Frog Classifieds

Offer your frogs, and other amphibians for sale.
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Plants & Supplies Classifieds

Offer your plants, and supplies for sale.
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Trading Post

Post your frogs, plants, feeder, and other stuff for trade
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Post the frogs, plants, feeders, and other stuff you are looking for
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Other Classifieds

Other items not frog related.
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International Classifieds

International frog related classifieds. (frogs, plants, supplies)
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Charity Auctions

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Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section Feedback, Help Desk & Questions

Ask questions, give feedback, and report glitches
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Off Topic Section

The Lounge

A place to hang out and discuss 'off subject' topics
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Regional Group & Events

Regional Group & Event Announcements

National groups & events, please use the subforums for regional groups & events
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Groups & Events outside of the US
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Group & Events in: IL IN IA KS MI MN MO NE ND OH SD WI
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Group & Events in: AZ NM OK TX
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Group & Events in: AH CO CA HI MT NV OR UT WA WY
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  1. Parts & Construction
    I’ve come across a 24x18x12 viv for next to nothing and wanted some ideas thrown at me in terms of substrates. I plan on using it for growing out plants/froglets, thinking of it as a fancy grow-out bin made of glass. My plan so far: Using LECA as drainage, only 1.5 inches. Substrate barrier...
  2. New Members Introductions
    Hello I'm Sam, 25 years old and have been keeping dart frogs for 10years now. I used to be only subscribed to the Dutch and Beglian forums since Dutch is my mother language. Since the dutch forums aren't that active anymore i decided to subrscribe to dendroboard. Also there's a lot more...
  3. Hello! I recently got a beautiful fantasy pacman frog. Right now he’s only about 1.5 inches long and houses in a 5.5 gallon tank (he will be upgraded to a 10 gallon and eventually a 20 gallon long when he reaches full size). So far he’s eaten a couple crickets and some chopped up night crawlers...
  4. New Members Introductions
    I am new here with a pressing question/concern. I was given two grow-a-frogs 26 years ago in Nov. I lost one this summer in August but the other is still here (lonely I suspect). He has been fine, eating well, but this morning I noticed his bulging filmy eyes --like a plastic dome over them...
  5. Id like to have a biology, husbandry book on darts. Lotters looks like it’s hard to find, plus the price! Any suggestions?
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