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You MUST post here two times before you receive access to post in other areas of the site.
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Community Messages

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Messages from the Admins & Mods.
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Current and past contests.
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Dart Frogs

Beginner Discussion

Just getting started? This is the section to get your questions answered.
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General Discussion

General dart frog related discussions
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Care Sheets

Articles and species specific care information. A great place to start or research a new species...
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Frognet Feed

This is a feed from Frognet
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Dedicated to in-depth species discussions. Not your average dart frog chit chat.
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Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles

Can't get them to breed, having issues with eggs or tads? This is the section to discuss it...
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Science & Conservation

In depth discussions about science, conservation, and related news. Topics must be warranted, and will be moved if not.
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Member's Frogs & Vivariums

Post pictures and details of frogs and their homes for everyone to see
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Food & Feeding

Culturing, field sweepings, new found foods...
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General Health & Disease Treatment

Sick frog? Maybe we can help
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Bromeliads, orchids, tropicals, moss, and everything green
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Parts & Construction

Enclosures, lights, backgrounds, substrates, and construction discussions
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Identification Forum

No clue what is crawling around your viv? Maybe we can ID it :)
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OLD Other Amphibians

Mantellas, Tree Frogs, Toads, etc...
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Vendor Feedback

Post vendor feedback from your transactions
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Vendor Info & Questions

Post your vendor information and questions here. (feedback is not permitted)
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Frog Classifieds

Offer your frogs, and other amphibians for sale.
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Plants & Supplies Classifieds

Offer your plants, and supplies for sale.
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Trading Post

Post your frogs, plants, feeder, and other stuff for trade
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Post the frogs, plants, feeders, and other stuff you are looking for
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Other Classifieds

Other items not frog related.
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International Classifieds

International frog related classifieds. (frogs, plants, supplies)
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Charity Auctions

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Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section Feedback, Help Desk & Questions

Ask questions, give feedback, and report glitches
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Off Topic Section

The Lounge

A place to hang out and discuss 'off subject' topics
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Regional Group & Events

Regional Group & Event Announcements

National groups & events, please use the subforums for regional groups & events
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Groups & Events outside of the US
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  1. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    I realized the longer I put this off the bigger of a job it would be to start this thread so I better get to it asap ;) I've had an interest in dart frogs for 10 years +/-, and loved the idea of natural spaces "indoors" since I was a little girl (although my younger daydreams involved massive...
  2. In about 2 weeks I'll be receiving a pair of Gold Legged Uakarii from UE. The vivarium has been planted since may/june. Some plants died and were replaced, but for the most part everything is pretty well established. I've seeded with 3 types of springtails, dwarf whites, and dairy cows. No...
  3. Hi all, I’m hoping to get some input on this tank as I’m not entirely happy with the planting right now. What I do like: The log surfaces, low areas around the fronts and sides of the log, the moss patches surrounded by leave litter. What I’m not too happy with: The back area underneath the...
  4. New Members Introductions
    Hello everyone, finally pulled the trigger and made an account. I'm not really a frog person, let alone a dartfrog person. Im much more of a plant person. I've lurked on this website for years, and have learned many things in that time from here. I really enjoy looking at everyone's vivaria.
  5. Parts & Construction
    This has been a ton of fun! Here are a few pics from concept to execution. Letting the CUC establish a bit while plants qt. Any best practices for attaching mistking nozzles in an exo tetra 18x18x24?
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