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ZooMed Wipe Out 1 and Wipe Out 2

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Has anyone seen any reviews or used these two products? They are for "sterilizing" herp enclosures. Wipe Out 1 is for the "cage" and Wipe Out 2 is for things like wood, hot rocks, etc. I got a bottle of the Wipe Out 1 to use on a tank. Anyone have any other recommendations for sterilizing tanks, wood, etc. (Besides bleach)? If there is already a thread for this, admins feel free to move this post.

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I use Nolvasan for the snakes myself, and I love the stuff. It is said to be safe to ingest if some residual Nolvasan is left behind in the water bowl for snakes (unlike bleach). I have heard of some keepers using Nolvasan topically on tree frogs to treat bacterial/viral infections. So if it is safe enough for them, the same should hold true for darts. When you dilute the stuff, I would think you'd have to be sure to use water that is safe for your frogs. Using tap water with this stuff won't hurt for snakes, but frogs are another story.

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