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ZooMed Wipe Out 1 and Wipe Out 2

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Has anyone seen any reviews or used these two products? They are for "sterilizing" herp enclosures. Wipe Out 1 is for the "cage" and Wipe Out 2 is for things like wood, hot rocks, etc. I got a bottle of the Wipe Out 1 to use on a tank. Anyone have any other recommendations for sterilizing tanks, wood, etc. (Besides bleach)? If there is already a thread for this, admins feel free to move this post.

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They are both brand names for chlorhexidine solution. Although if you follow the link Ben provided, there are some minute differences between the 2 you mention.

khoff said:
Devin is correct, Virosan and Nolvasan are essentially the same thing. Just different brand names.
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