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This is my second frog tank I will be constructed,Will house a breeding pair, not sure yet. but a newbie on this site.Also the begin of a frog rack I will be doing, right now its underneath my crestie tank but soon will be placed on a rack. Just recieved all my supplies and now ready to start.This tank will have a misting system to keep the humidity high and plants watered

started with a 12x12x18x zoomed

Now making my false bottom out of egg crate

Now covering the egg crate with with a weed blocker I bought at home depot, that lets water drain . but no dirt can go in :)

covering up that spot

Now for the backing, Put natural wood backing and CoCo panels on the side. Not the best looking thing but will look great covered in plants!

Forgot to take pictures of this step but put my false bottom down with ABG mix . Then put down Magnolia Leaves ontop

now just need to hook up my misting system as well as wait for my plants to come it today or tomorrow

more pictures coming
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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