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Does anyone use just plain old bakers yeast ?
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so, you guys actually mix the bakers yeast into the media???? I always use brewer's yeast for the media, and then sprinkle the bakers yeast stuff on tip. I get insane hatchouts with my media, so, I know it works great, and that is all it is, potatoe flakes, brewers yeast, and powder sugar.

Anyway, on a side topic, if anyone is interested in very inexpensive brewer's yeast, let me konw. I need to put in a bulk order after christmas, so if you want some, get in touch with me via pm or email. It will be around $2 - $3 a pound, depending on if they raised the price for me.

Take care, happy holidays,

ed parker
I believe most of us do not mix the Baker's Yeast in. Only the Brewers.

Apparently Mark Pepper has a mix that includes Baker's Yeast in the mix though.

I don't have the reference but apparently one of the major limiting factors in productivity of a culture is the protien content. The addition of brewer's yeast (which is inactive and used as a nutritional supplement) increases the protien content of the media causing a higher yield of flies.

The active yeasts will spread through the media via growth and movement of the media by the larva on thier own even if they are inoculated on the surface of the media.

The strain of live yeast that is inoculated on the surface of the media may not be the strain or strains that acutally takes over media as it may not have the best growth rate in those conditions (the strain(s) that your flies carry with them on thier body parts may actually overtake and grow throughout the media.

The addition of live yeast on the surface has a beneficial effect in that it helps to keep other microorganisms from overgrowing the culture.

Ed (not Dave).
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I beleive it was Jerry that posted how to activate yeast, by warm water and powder sugar, and i notice great production when i use that method.

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