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From what I understand is baker's yeast is the live organisms and brewers is inactivated/dead yeast, and they are both Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Adding baker's yeast to the media increases the protein content of the media (thiamin and riboflavin mostly), my guess is that increases the food for the flies, because bakers yeast in the media does increase FF production.

I use baker's yeast, which needs to be refrigerated to stay viable, and sprinkle a bit on top a day before adding the flies, it works for me, and my cultures last a while, they would produce more flies quicker but I'm not sure if the cultures last as long.

Brewer's yeast, the supplement people add to FF cultures isn't for brewing its a byproduct of brewing. The yeast used in brewing is different, I think two different strands depending on the type of beer, theres probably hundreds more than just two. The funny thing is I'm trying to learn how to brew beer but haven't gotten to yeast, my mentor said to save it for last. [/i]
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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