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Does anyone use just plain old bakers yeast ?
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I second that. I Just ordered 25g of special yeast from, and I'll try to determine if it's that much better...I'll try anything once :lol:
While we are on the topic of yeast, does everyone refridgerate their yeast? I had a problem with my fruit fly cultures a few years ago and couldn't get any going without them molding. I was told that it was because of my yeast not being in the fridge. It made sense, so I have put it in the refridgerator ever since. Just recently I had a dart frog breeder tell me that there is no reason to refridgerate yeast. He said that how baking soda absorbs odors from the fridge, that the yeast you put in there would do the same. Then you use it to make cultures and the flies feed from nasty odor filled yeast. Just curious what everyones take is on this.

I think on the jar of yeast i picked up at King Stoopids it says to refridgerate after opening.
Well, I ran out of that "special" yeast a couple of weeks ago, and I now see a big difference over the baker's yeast.
The cultures using plain bakers yeast are producing less than half what I had been getting.
Not sure if the difference is 100% in the yeast though...I think my apartment is running a couple degrees cooler lately too.
Are people adding bakers yeast within the media and active yeast on top? Do the adult flies eat the active yeast only? What the hell are the adult flies eating anyways??

I'm confused.

Also, I started to refrigerate my active yeast. It shouldn't absorb any odors becuase I bought it in an air-tight container which should help to keep it fresh.
As i understand it, the bakers yeast (organism) activates when exposed to water and sugar, and starts a fermentation process which results in CO2 and alcohol. So the flies are basically getting wasted :lol: Seriously though, i don't think the adult flies eat anything, I read something about them possibly eating some kind of mold that grows on the yeast, but i'm not sure.

Well, the adults are eating some slurry caused by the yeast from what I understand. After talking to a bunch of guys this is why I've come to the conclusion you can't gut load the adults from the media, just the larvae (you can turn them different colors! WEEEEE green and red maggot christmas special!).
the adults are eating some slurry caused by the yeast from what I understand
Thanks Corey! So, does this mean it is pointless to mix yeast within the media because the flies can only eat the yease "slurry" on top of the media? Do the larve benefit from having the yeast mixed in the media?

Dang-it Dave (Ed's), where are you when we need you? LOL
Q1: What the heck do the adult flies eat
Q2: And should you mix yeast within the media or just sprinkle on top?
I use Fleischmann's rapid rise active yeast and sprinkle a few grains on the surface of my fly media. I dont refridgerate either my active or brewers yeast and have had great results from using yeast that is many months old. Not sure what the flies eat as they definately bulk up when transfered from a depleted culture to a new one. However I dont think they are intoxicated as the yeast would rather do aerobic respiration than anaerobic, but maybe in deep media there may be some ethanol production . :wink:
Bakers yeast needs to be refrigerated, brewers does not. Bakers goes on top of the culture, brewers goes into the media, bakers is an organism, brewers is just vitamins.

So then you can’t use brewers yeast to brew beer?
So then you can’t use brewers yeast to brew beer?
So then you can’t use brewers yeast to brew beer?
Brewer's yeast is the residue at the bottom of the barrel after brewing beer.

Brewer's yeast is the residue at the bottom of the barrel after brewing beer.

Brewer's yeast is the residue at the bottom of the barrel after brewing beer.

s ;)
Grassypeak said:
So then you can’t use brewers yeast to brew beer?
Woh! How did that happen?

Thanks for the answer though.
From what I understand is baker's yeast is the live organisms and brewers is inactivated/dead yeast, and they are both Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Adding baker's yeast to the media increases the protein content of the media (thiamin and riboflavin mostly), my guess is that increases the food for the flies, because bakers yeast in the media does increase FF production.

I use baker's yeast, which needs to be refrigerated to stay viable, and sprinkle a bit on top a day before adding the flies, it works for me, and my cultures last a while, they would produce more flies quicker but I'm not sure if the cultures last as long.

Brewer's yeast, the supplement people add to FF cultures isn't for brewing its a byproduct of brewing. The yeast used in brewing is different, I think two different strands depending on the type of beer, theres probably hundreds more than just two. The funny thing is I'm trying to learn how to brew beer but haven't gotten to yeast, my mentor said to save it for last. [/i]
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Actually, I’ve done quite a bit of brewing (always using specialty yeasts) I just never realized that “brewers yeast” was a dead product. As for strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae there are major differences between those used for Ale and those used for lager. They ferment more efficiently at different temperatures, so I assume they are using different enzyme versions. I’m not sure if they are even the same species. That said there are many many varieties of Ale yeasts and lager yeasts. The flavors that they impart on the beer can be very different.
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