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YahOO Yellow Galacts!!

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:)Hello All,

I just received 2 probable pair of Adelphobates Galactonotus 'Yellow' 14months OOW from a buddy (Thanks John!!! : ) )

These are super bold and have gorgeous patterns. I wanted to share how happy I am : )

They are currently in a 10 Gallon temporary tank while my 29gal is going through final procecure/checks.

*pics taken from iphone... hopefully getting a DSLR soon
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Nice!!! I love Yellow Galacts :D
Congrats, Steve. They are Sa-Weeet!

Good luck with them, Richard.
Awesome!! Congratz!
Galacts are the shiznat! ;)
I'm glad you like them. They are nice frogs. I'm also glad they went to a good home! Hope to see you at the next get-together too.
Very nice! I may need to build another viv.
Congrats! Seems like you decided to go with galacts. I have orange galacts and red galacts, I want some yellows eventually.
I love the color contrast on all Galacts. Awesome frogs!
Thanks everyone! I'm on the PDF addiction train lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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