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Wow!!! I can grow moss!!!

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How 'bout that! I've eternally been known as having a black jokes abound. I've killed cactus (that were set up for me), air plants, pothos (out of the viv), and numerous things that normal people can plant in their yard and not even have to touch! So, I've kept my viv plants very simple because of this. Imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago, I noticed that the dried Orchid Moss that I purchased from Lowe's had started turning green! For a minute, I thought..."What the heck! What in the world's been in here that's rubbed off on the substrate??? Something's gone wrong!" But's definitely growing! Here's some pics of moss that will grow even if you have a black thumb...

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I have the same thing going on in my Pacman's setup. I had some little thing that looked like a bean stalk growing out of the orchard moss in my tree frog set up. The live tropical moss I got from black jungle is doing great. I had something growing out of but i was misting and left my fogger on over night and it looks like it fell.
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