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Has anyone bought from

(please PM me, your experiences with this company rather than posting in the thread)

My tank is 30"x18"x24"tall(56 column)

Here are two lights I'm debating on:

150W MHL with 4bulbs 24" Fixture(246w total)$250
150W MHL with 2 x 2bulbs 2Ft Fixture

(I was considering two of these)24w 4Bulbs 30" Fixture (96w per fixture. 2x=192w total)$220
30in 4Bulbs fixtures
The lights are 9" wide so two of these will fit side by side above the tank. And every two bulbs has it's own ballast and switch so with a few timers, sunrise, noon, and sunset will be a nice feature.

This tank will be somewhat, heavily planted with several minature Broms near the top on driftwood and lots of moss on the "floor". Also some aquatic plants in the pond area.

You could call the tank a "half isthmus" setup;)
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