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Would these be good for a terrarium/vivarium?

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So I was looking at Andy's orchids and found a deal I am really interested in.
Andy's Orchids - Orchid Species - Orchid Specials

This one looks nice too but I am worried about them being to big.
Andy's Orchids - Orchid Species - Orchid Specials

I just bought a 60 gal 48x12x24. I wasnt planing on making it into a terrarium. Since I have it and less money spent on enclosure means more on plants and frogs right now I am thinking of giving it a go.

Then there is this package meant for vivariums, but a little more then i wanted to spend.
Andy's Orchids - Orchid Species - Orchid Specials

I am not familiar with orchids or growing them in terrariums, but based on what the website says about each one, it seems they would do well. Would you agree?? Thanks!
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I'd say most of those would do fine in a viv. The Bulbophyllum package would most probably all be viv suitable. I wouldn't put the Vanilla in a viv. Most of those need to get very large before they will bloom. I'm not familiar with the Dendrobium in a viv, but it's relatively easy to grow outside of one. I'm not at all familiar with Podochilus, so I can't make a comment on that. Andy's has one of the largest selections of plants, and they're great to work with. If you have any questions, I'd give them a call.
All of those would work well for you, and I am working on a more extensive list of Viv suitable orchids with Andys growers that they can send out to folks looking to get their feet wet with orchids in the terrarium.

A big thing to remember is that while yes, species Bulbophyllums take warmer temps more readily than most pleuros, they usually only bloom once or twice a year, whe a happy Pleurothallis can be in bloom almost non stop.
Thanks!!! I was wondering about the Bulbophyllums...lets say I had all five in one terrarium. Would they all bloom around the same time or would I have a good chance of at least having maybe one or two of them in bloom at all times. If I have at least some in bloom most of the time i think I will go with that package. Otherwise Ill go with the one that also has the ferns
They will bloom staggered throughout the year. You will get a lot better blooming if you allow your Viv to cycle throughout the year. Cooler and drier in the winter. For instance, my vivs are low to mid 70s days down to high 60s nights right now, with misting 2x a week and go to low 80s days, mid 70s nights in the summer with daily misting
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Thanks! I might go with that package. Their exotic look intrigues me.
There are other Bulbophyllums that look even wilder! I recommend hybrids like "Cindy Dukes" and "Kalimpong" because they bloom (for me anyway)4 times a year and are extremely vigorous.
My favorite bulbo species are thiurum, plumatum, tingabarinum, lasiochilum, and frostii
Would the vanilla grow well in a viv? Even though it will never reach flowering size in a viv its still a nice plant
Yeah it should be just fine. Even if it did flower, they only last a day
Just remember air flow! I've killed a couple of these guys by having a humid tank with not enough air circulation. If you can get the water droplets from misting to dry in 2-3 hours after misting you'll be set. Never let the plants go overnight with wet crowns!

I've had the malaxis do well in terrariums, but would probably go with their recommendation of trying it mounted first. They tend to do poorly in PDF terrariums mostly because the substrate they need is rarely found in our set ups. It will do best with the seasons mentioned before since it is deciduous.

I don't really like to recommend Vanilla orchids for terrariums because these are some true climbers that really don't put on a show until they have a good tree to climb (and certainly won't bloom without being able to get 10+ feet). Every time I've grown them all they do is just shoot straight up whatever they can climb and do their best to keep going higher. Not overly attractive and doing it's best to get out (and let frogs out in the process!) has led me to pull it from every tank I've worked with since then.
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