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Well I know I am a little behind on the almirante/ man creek breeding, so for some of you this post may seem boring or even redundant, but I was still pretty excited to find a clutch of 7 eggs on one of their bromeliads today. The eggs appear to be fertilized as well. This pair is from the last shipment to come in, and I just put them into their permanent tanks like a week ago (thanks again Ken for all of the great broms, they have already helped as you can see). I dont get overly excited about finding eggs anymore, it has become pretty commonplace over the last couple of years with some of the more common dart frogs, but when I saw my first clutch of pumilio eggs I almost burst with joy- I had to run and get my wife to show her. It felt like I was finding that very first clutch of eggs from my first dart frogs- leucomelas. Anyway, the male has been calling like crazy, but I just was not expecting any breeding to begin so quickly after introducing them into the new tank. Now I know that this is only half of the woo hoo, the rest will come later if they actually decide to care for their eggs and tads to raise healthy froglets. But in the mean time I am happy that they are doing anything at all! Just had to share :) Take care,

Lance and Jen
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