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Witnessed my first WWE Smackdown yesterday

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Yesterday I was over helping a friend do frog chores and learning all I could. Two adult Reginas were brought together in a 55. While feeding tads, I looked down to see one of the Reginas race from one side of the tank to the other. Jumped on the other Regina's back, threw a choke hold and would not let go.

Frog was immeditately pulled and put with another Regina in a diferent tank. We watched the tank like a hawk. Within 2 minutes, they moved to the center of the tank nose to nose for a stare down at the OK Corral. The owner didn't want to risk it and pulled the frog yet again. Now all three are housed seperately.

I was shocked at the viciousness of the attack. Worse, it took place less than six inches from a water feature. From someone who has never witness blatant aggression, it was quite surprising. We tend to think of our frogs as these cute, happy-go-lucky pets. It's clear that they can be stone cold killers! :D

And I tip my hat to anyone that accurately sexes Reginas. I would have bet big money that two of these were male and one a female. Toe pads are huge on both.
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Maybe he/she just wants to show up on a bad episode of Cops. :D
Hey Zoomie, I heard about that showdown. What you observed is what I have advised before as a good way to use as a tool for sexing, under supervision of course. You got to see it first hand.
Bill, it was interesting. Stressed me out and they weren't even my frogs!
As weird as it sounds, I was glad I was there to witness it but not particularly happy that it happened.

I guess that is one way to sex frogs. I prefer looking at toe pads and checking for high heels. :D
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