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Witnessed my first WWE Smackdown yesterday

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Yesterday I was over helping a friend do frog chores and learning all I could. Two adult Reginas were brought together in a 55. While feeding tads, I looked down to see one of the Reginas race from one side of the tank to the other. Jumped on the other Regina's back, threw a choke hold and would not let go.

Frog was immeditately pulled and put with another Regina in a diferent tank. We watched the tank like a hawk. Within 2 minutes, they moved to the center of the tank nose to nose for a stare down at the OK Corral. The owner didn't want to risk it and pulled the frog yet again. Now all three are housed seperately.

I was shocked at the viciousness of the attack. Worse, it took place less than six inches from a water feature. From someone who has never witness blatant aggression, it was quite surprising. We tend to think of our frogs as these cute, happy-go-lucky pets. It's clear that they can be stone cold killers! :D

And I tip my hat to anyone that accurately sexes Reginas. I would have bet big money that two of these were male and one a female. Toe pads are huge on both.
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Lol, may still be a male I have an azureus male that would be a great contender in your ring.
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