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Yes I do believe that cycling frogs helps in breeding . Think about it like this in the wild the weather is not always the same all year . You have weather fronts that move through , high ,low pressure fronts rain no rain ect..
Our frogs are not supposed to have 100% ideal conditions 365 days a year .
Frogs have many different keys that set them off in the wild that tell them to breed . Alot of which have been covered throughly here . Some of us believe that a certian amount of "stress" and I use that term lightly, is a good thing . Another key is giving them a break from production , not only is that good for the frogs but Ibelieve that the quality of clutches goes down after a long period of egg laying .
That could atribute to the lack of stored vitamins and other factors of overextended production .
You just need to find what the keys are to unlock the code for the reproductive needs of your frogs . Also every frog is different what works for me and him won't always work for you .
That is where the fun part comes in and where the phrase "working with " comes to mind .
Good luck .
Darren Meyer
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