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which plants are best?

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hi ,
I`m trying the coca-fiber substate on a false bottom. just wanted to know from anyone who has experince with this whicch plants are best planted into this.
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I think the reference is to coco fiber bedding like bed-a-beast not coco panels.

Not bromeliads and most orchids, try and stay away from epiphytes (they like a lot of air around the roots). Coca fiber substrates (except for the fiber mats) tend to hold a lot of water when used as a substrate by themselves so I'd say anything that likes wet roots, like a lot of vining plants. Spaths/peace lilies, syngoniums, pothos, most of the vining philodendrons would all work.

I'd recomend doing a planting mixture rather than just the coco fiber as the planting mixes allow you to have a greater range of plants, including those who aren't into having constantly soggy roots.
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