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Re: Mark Pepper

Mark is a good 3 or 4 hours west of Toronto (I think it's near Chatham).

He would be worth the drive though as you would certainly learn quite a bit about frog-keeping in addition to buying excellent frogs/feeders from him.

ED's_Fly_Meat_Inc said:
Try Mark Pepper. He is in Ontario. But I'm not sure how close to Toronto he is. He is on Dendroboard, and posts on occasion. You may want to talk to him.

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i talk to mark and unfortunatly he is located quite far away and my parents wont really drive me that far. Do you guys no of any others.
if you no anyone in toronto that has a vivarium could you give me there email so i could ask them about it


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I aslo have been searching far a wide for supplies around toronto...

i live in stoufville/markham. and mark has said he would meet me many times , but so far has cancelled everytime.

There isnt even a proper plant store to get broms or good moss.

If anyone knows of anything around toronto/gta pleaseee say somthing.

id open a store myself if i werent a cripple rite now :S
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