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The hobby has made me a frog hoarder of sorts, and for good reasons.

Look at the newly arrived pumilio morphs and look at the average success people have with them in the first few months to a year. Most pairs reproduce like rabbits, especially cristobals and el dorados, and this is great but usually doesn't last long. If you only have one pair and don't hold back (hoard) some froglets what do you do when one or both of the adults dies? It's easy to replace if that morph is still coming in, but if that window is closed it's tough, IE rio branco, rio guaramo, uyamas, etc.

A long term success strategy is either acquire multiple pairs of frogs and or hold back enough to establish multiple pairs, hopefully trading ones own offspring with another hobbyist to increase genetic variability. This method allows replacement of lost frogs to keep the morph going in house and throughout the hobby.

Just some perspective
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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