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I wash all my plants before placing them in tanks, not just the roots, usually with distilled water. This helps keep down micro-critter transfers that I don't want and gets mineral deposits off the leaves of plants I get from most garden centers (which use taps water and leave water spots on leaves). This would also wash off any fetilizer that may be on the exterior of the plant.

Jewel orchids are terrestrial, and I believe the benifit from having at least part of their root system in the soil. This doesn't mean they won't trail over tank "furniture" (wood, gravel, rocks, etc) as they grow, I just don't believe its best to start them there (like in a hanging pot, soil in the center, but L. discolor will be happy to trail over the sides and root on various objects/other pots). They trail and will get there in their own time, and will do it if they like the conditions.

The bromeliad might do very well mounted on the ghost wood, I doubt its a terrestrial type (miniatures are almost always epiphytes that I've seen).

I haven't kept that fern, so I could only give you my best bet. I've yet to have a tropical fern that I couldn't get mounted on tank furniture, but then most of the tropical ones available are epiphytes... planted next to a log I'd bet the fern would eventually take to it, especially once the ghost wood starts growing moss which would act as a substrate. Cleaning the fern grown in dirt and expecting it to take to bare wood might be a bit too much. A chunk of the fern from the original plant placed on some moss or in a dirt pocket in the wood would also be a good way to start it.
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