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So I’ve always been super aware of my frogs skin. Currently I have my 2 frogs in the same tank so this is where my worry comes in. I went away for 3 days (They had multiple water dishes and were fed ahead of time) and I came home to my one frog with a bright mark on his head, which he’s never had a perfect dot like that before. So automatically my worry was is it bacterial. But I decided to leave it be for 2 days and the first night after there was nothing I could see on his skin! But today the second day.. it seems to still be there just more faint? So I’m not sure where to go from here. Should I consider putting the one frog in quarantine? Hes eating fine, great activity levels, absolutely no clear signs of illness other than this dot that just seems to be lingering. Plus I dont want to cause any extra stress if I dont need to. Any advice would be appreciated. I just dont know what to take from this

(first pic is the day I came home and second was taken tonight when it sort of showed up again but more faint)
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