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What's the difference?

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Peat moss

Peat Sphagnum moss

Peat bricks

Sphagnum moss

I know, newb question. Thanks.
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Don't confuse sphagnum moss with sphagnum peat moss. Sphagnum moss and sphagnum peat moss are not the same product. Sphagnum moss is used in the floral industry to line wire baskets and make wreaths. It is the LIVING moss that grows on top of a sphagnum bog. Sphagnum peat moss is used as a soil conditioner by gardeners. It is the dead material that accumulates in the lower levels of a sphagnum bog. Harvesters of the horticultural peat moss remove the top few inches of the live sphagnum moss before harvesting the peat from the lower levels of the bog.
See the rest here: ... agnum.html

More information here:

So, "peat moss" could be the bog soil while "peat sphangum moss" could be the actual moss plant. I haven't run into "peat bricks", but I have run into bricks of the actual moss. Most things just labeled "sphangum moss" are the actual moss.

Hope that helps,

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Ahhh...thanks so much Marcos. You sure cleared that up for me, i kept reading about different ones and it was driving me crazy.
Also, another question. In terms of a substrate mixture, can i replace tree fern fiber with coco fiber? Or do they have very different properties?

I use coco fiber and fir bark. So far, it looks pretty close and retains moisture very similarly to various peat soil and tree fern mixtures I have seen. I didn't want to use tree fern because of how it is harvested. The plants seem to be doing well and the soil seems to be retaining the right amount of moisture. I supplemented the mixture with the liquid fertilizer available from black jungle.

And one more! The substrate that springtales seem to it peat moss or peat?

this is WAY off topic, but luke, how did you do that rad avatar?
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