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What to put in a 36x18x24 terrarium?

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I might be picking up an Exo-Terra 36x18x24 terrarium that was used for Azureus.
What would you recommend for this size of terrarium?
Could I put more than two azureus in it?
Or how many Auratus or Leucomelas?
I do know to not mix species.
But I would like more than two frogs in this size of terrarium.

Thank you
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Sweet! I have a a 60 gallon I was going to use for a saltwater tank, but frogs are SO much easier.

I am torn between terribelis and luecs. Terribelis are much less common here, and are large and bold. Luecs are also bold, but much more common, BUT much cheaper.

I'm torn between price and 'awe' factor. Ill probably side on price and upgrade after a few years!
I said they were much more common in my area. The upgrade would be more of a 'wow' factor then an upgrade is quality of species. Who knows I may decide I like them in the 60 and never change species. I have 22 tanks so I have some room to play with... :)
A well known, local frog breeder here said he would never ever put more then 5 frogs in any tank. Now for a much larger setup I'm sure you can fit more, but I would assume 4-5 frogs would be a safe number.
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