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What to put in a 36x18x24 terrarium?

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I might be picking up an Exo-Terra 36x18x24 terrarium that was used for Azureus.
What would you recommend for this size of terrarium?
Could I put more than two azureus in it?
Or how many Auratus or Leucomelas?
I do know to not mix species.
But I would like more than two frogs in this size of terrarium.

Thank you
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That tank is over 65g. I would do Leucs in there, especailly since its 24 high. They will use the whole tank and not just sit on the floor. Also they are a good group frog. You can fit 6-7 with no problem.
I disagree with '6-7' in this foot print. There is a thread, pretty recent, where a fellow has set up a three hundred gallon viv, and has been advised 12 Leuc's were the perfect number to prevent overcrowding and stress issues in the future.

I suggest 4, though 5, would be pushing it. Adult Leuc's are a decent size, another factor to consider...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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