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What kind of lighting can i use?

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Hey, my name is Asael and this is my first post. I have been studying on dendroboard more than I have ever done in school lol :D. I am currently building a custom vivarium from some of my old kitchen windows that i had to tear down. The dimensions of the vivarium are 28Lx30Wx20H and i am hoping to get some thumbnails when i am done building it. My question is what kind of lighting should i use for the vivarium, the only problem is that i want to be able to see through the top glass. Is there some kind of lighting i could possibly hang from the ceiling to be close enough to the vivarium that it will be able to light up my vivarium without it covering the top glass? If there is any what kind should i use? Please help! and Thank You for your time.
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Thank you for your help I appreciate it. I am thinking of having the lighting about 15-18 inches above the vivarium. I would have made my vivarium taller but when I started building it I wasn't planning on getting thumbnails but then my brother got a pair of vents and it inspired me to want to get a pair of thumbnails too. I am almost done with my vivarium I just need to attach the door to it i will be able to post some pictures sometime this week and again thank you.
Thanks for your help and i will do a little more research on this project and thank you both for your opinions If there might be a better way of doing the lighting please let me know.
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