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I breed crickets year round for my collection of various animals. Some suggestions I can make:

Make sure your dry cricket food is not calcium based - if it is, use it only for 24-48 hours as a gutload. There's several studies about increased cricket mortality associated with growing crickets and high calcium diets.

There shouldn't be any larva associated with the crickets, as they hatch out as miniature versions of the adults, so I suspect you have/had an infestation of phorid flies - you were right to clean out the container.

I keep mine in a bare bottom rubbermaid tub with plenty of vertical eggcrates so there is lots of standing room and frass falls to the bottom. I provide a dampened tray of coconut fiber as egg laying substrate, which I rotate out of the bin weekly to a "nursery" container to hatch.

Once weekly I shopvac out any shed exoskeletons, spilled food, frass, and dead crickets so that no phorids, etc. are attracted. I think it's important to keep them clean and dry. The only moisture I provide is the damp nesting tray and a petri dish of water crystals.

Hope this helps! You can also try culturing Dubia. They're less finicky about conditions, noise-free, and don't smell.
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