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what is the deal with mixing frogs?

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so i am extremely new to the whole dart frog thing (in fact i don't own any yet and i'm doing research to see if i want to keep them) and i've seen a whole lot of rage about mixing frogs. what i haven't seen though, is a concrete reason why people are so against it. i don't have any feelings for or against this, i just want to know why people don't like it so much.

isn't this kind of like breeding different kinds of dogs and such? in the shrimp breeding industry, people breed crazy mixed shrimps all the time until they get a nice one and then breed it out until they get a "new" kind of shrimp. what is the different between this and doing the same with frogs?

people breed things to get better color and traits they like.

there are people who like to keep wild varieties of shrimps and those who like the new fancy ones. i guess what i'm asking is why people are so against it in dart frogs, but don't bat an eye with other animals.
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I am bowing out now.....
I do believe I'll join you.
Then you haven't learned anything anybody has said to you. Then you wonder why people are being hard on you. I am not the only one that has told you this isn't other hobbies this is Dendrobates/dart frogs it is a hobby on to itself. It has separate ideologies then other hobbies just by looking at the hybrid issue itself (not including mixed tanks). It's not snakes, shrimp, fish, reefs, cross-stitch, wood working.

Then you still say it's fair to compare? Even Scott has explained the thread topic to you to you and you argue with him, and he has a mixed tank(from my understanding) and you still continue with the argumentative attitude. Either your hear to fight and argue or thick headed. You have wasted a lot of time fighting in a thread that you could have spent reading and researching on how to care for single species tanks. Can mix tanks be successful? Yes. Should they be done by someone that has little expierance in the hobby? NO. How many people have told you this? Enough for you get the point, that YOU don't have the expierance and the knowledge to be successful with it. They have explained the thoughts on both sides of the hybrid issue as well.

So continue researching and learning, and forget about comparing this hobby to other hobbies. Again what other people do in other hobbies is good for THEM and works for THEM. What they do there does not apply here. To find out what works here use the search button here and find some knowledgeable hobbyist here that you can ask questions and advice.

Let this thread die as I will with this last response. Good luck to you in your research and learning.
yes scott did give me very good answers and i appreciate them. i was not arguing with him about anything he said about keeping frogs in the same tank. you on the other hand simply told me that this is not another hobby and this hobby doesn't share those views. you didn't really give me any reason why. i asked why their are such hostile views and you just said pretty much "because that's the way it is."
It's not your thread. You posted on a public forum. My first comment in here was a comical heads up to you as to what was going to happen here. You are so obviously in this for the argument that it is comical, as has been pointed out by many. You claim that you want to learn but you throw the answers that are given you, back in the face of anyone who tries to help. People like you are detrimental to the hobby. Your posts reek of ignorance and you hardheaded attitude makes it obvious that you just want to argue.
so trolls are now calling other people trolls? i'm not in this for the argument... but when you keep posting inflammatory responses i will respond. fortunately, i don't take forums or the internet too seriously.

Hi John,

I just watched "Where The Wild Things Are" and I LOVED it! I'm not sure I would want to admit it, but I cried when the little boy had to leave the island. It was a really sweet movie.

Nothing at all like this thread!

Take care, Richard.

Anyone see any good movies lately?

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