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what is the deal with mixing frogs?

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so i am extremely new to the whole dart frog thing (in fact i don't own any yet and i'm doing research to see if i want to keep them) and i've seen a whole lot of rage about mixing frogs. what i haven't seen though, is a concrete reason why people are so against it. i don't have any feelings for or against this, i just want to know why people don't like it so much.

isn't this kind of like breeding different kinds of dogs and such? in the shrimp breeding industry, people breed crazy mixed shrimps all the time until they get a nice one and then breed it out until they get a "new" kind of shrimp. what is the different between this and doing the same with frogs?

people breed things to get better color and traits they like.

there are people who like to keep wild varieties of shrimps and those who like the new fancy ones. i guess what i'm asking is why people are so against it in dart frogs, but don't bat an eye with other animals.
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It seems that every new "generation" of hobbyists has to first not understand why the "old timers" try to enforce arbitrary rules about "hybrids" and mixing" on them, then argue with the "oldtimers" about their trying to be the police of the hobby. Then, if they survive in the hobby long enough, they general come to understand that this is actually supposed to be some fun for us and the eternal bickering doesn't account for much.

There are very few things that will get someone shunned from the dart frog hobby. The only fatal infraction I've seen was when someone stole frogs from a frog meet at a person's home. So the only real rule I've seen in the hobby is "don't steal my sh#t" (please edit if this is determined to be too much).

Everything else is a matter of personal ethics.

Good luck to you all, Richard.
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Sounds like someone is really on a tear tonight! Nothing else to do?


I made no mistake, as there have been white tigers in the wild. Which you said there were not. Then even said there were and one was shot in the 1950's. If it was shot it did then exist.

No one on this board keeps tigers in their vivariums. Or dogs, or cats, or snakes. or even poo flinging monkeys.

My point is no one cares about what is going on in the other areas.

You asked a question. You got an answer on the first page or two. Then you brought up lions and tigers. You forgot the bears....oh, my.
Seems like you're just running from thread to thread wanting to start arguments with everyone. Always affirming your negative position doesn't really add anything to a resolution of the issues.

Just seems like you're looking for someone to kick around.


Nope! Just relaxing and enjoying the last day of the weekend.
This is not a novel thought nor argument on Db. If you need an answer (since you asked the question many times, I assume you're desperate to find one), I suggest falling in love with the seacrh function on this site as much as you seem to love posting negatives.

Good luck in your search, Richard.

Not at all. In the other post, I just pointed out that every frog in the hobby is the off spring of wild collected frogs. :p
Hi John,

I just watched "Where The Wild Things Are" and I LOVED it! I'm not sure I would want to admit it, but I cried when the little boy had to leave the island. It was a really sweet movie.

Nothing at all like this thread!

Take care, Richard.

Anyone see any good movies lately?

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