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What do you keep in your 10g tanks?

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Looking to see what would be a good frog to keep in a 10g vert? Also how many would be ok to keep in there. I would guess no more than 2 huh?
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I keep a trio of orange lamasi in a 10 gallon vert. They have done fine in there.
My Varadero pair is in a 10g vert.
Same, they laid 2 eggs the first day they went in too! My guess is that they are comfortable in their viv lol
I have a pair of froglets in mine but I'm moving them up to a 20. I'm going to use the remaining 10gal for something else, idk what :p
lots of folks keep breeding pairs of pdfs in 10s. Ive seen plenty of tinc and leuc pairs in horizontal 10s, and tons of thumbnail pairs in 10 verts.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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