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Thanks to everyone who bought plants from me, I really appreciate it!

And thank you Alex for giving me those pots and mounts, that was really sweet of you :)

Now for my haul hehe

I got a baby male namib webfoot gecko from Julie Bergman (my female keeps laying infertile eggs, so hopefully this guy matures fast >.>)

I got 5 varaderos tadpoles from Taron, and when I went to put them in my tadpole incubator, one of the variabilis tads from Brian had apparently popped arms while I was doing the show and was wandering around the incubator >.<

I bought 2 orchids from Andys while dendro was at the show with me (I blame him, he's a bad influence lol) but since he has deemed them the "pimp colored orchids" I now have to build a pimp vivarium to put them in.

And then the next day Robert bought close to 40 orchids from Andys. No final count yet, but I have 20 here, and I know Robert has two more bags in his van. Even though Bob paid, they still count as my haul, since they're living with me :)

My pimp orchids, though the top one is much more glittery in person

1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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