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Its time again to stock up right before winter comes. Who would be attending the show? Anybody looking for anything specific? Post your comments :D

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Will have the following frogs:
Dwarf Cobalts
Orange Galacts
Yellow terribilis
male Powder blue
female azureus
and a few others.

LOTS of feeders

Plant clippings
Cypress knees
live oak
Southern magnolia
strangler fig
Indian almond
coco huts

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i will be there also and if anyone is interested i can bring panamanian auratus froglets 3months oow and i also have rodyll vents all ages from a few weeks to 6 months oow and i am thinking about geting rid of my tincs and auratus breeders and geting into only pumilio so if someone is looking for breeding pairs or groups i might just part with them i have a proven trio of cobalts just started laying clutches in july i also have a trio of matetcho solid backs they have not layed yet i recently traded 1 of my females for a male and im not sure i ended up getting a male so it might be 3 females all about 18 months old i also have a breeding group 0f 5 blue and black auratus i believe 2.3 and they were laying in the spring and early summer but stopped they are also 18 months old and last is a trio of panamanian auratus they been laying all the time this year about 2years old pm me if interested in any of them and i can bring them with me
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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