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I did talk to Kyle about this, and I think I found out what it might be.

I will say, my Mantellas are doing great, eating much, much more and calling all the time.

I know as a fact that certain chemicals are bad only when they begin to accumulate. The scenario:

I have used Great Stuff silicone and peat for the background like most people and like Black Jungle has. I have noticed that when I spray the background during misting, the tank is smellinig funny of an odd mix of a light silicone plus perhaps a little coco fiber.

The soil is coco fiber, peat moss, and sand. The screening is aluminum, but Jhupp has said this really isn't a main factor. There is latex paint for outdoors and indoor use for the OUTSIDE of the tank.

I thought silicone has no smell when cured. I did let it cure for several days.

It is apparent that the smell collects more at the top, where the humidity rises, while the soil virtualyl doesn't have much of a smell except that peaty kind.

Should I remove the frogs, flush/rinse the background, and then put them back in a few days? Nobody seems ill, but lead doesn't harm anybody until contact with it repeatedly.
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