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I am using a small Exo-Terra Natural Waterfall with a Repti Flo 250 Mini Terrarium Pump in my 10 gal. Dart Frog terrariums. I find that despite having the substrate almost completely covered with sheet moss, the frogs inevitably track some substrate into the pool at the base of the waterfall and cause the pump to clog. So I have to remove the waterfall and pump, clean out the pump, etc. A bit of a pain but at least it allows me to keep the waterfall clean. The frogs really seem to enjoy their waterfall so I'd like to keep it in the terrarium.

The literature for the Repti Flo refers to the use of a filter sponge that prevents pump clogging but I have not found a place where I can obtain them. Anyone ever seen these online? Or are there good alternatives?

It's a pretty simple setup :wink: (see below). I got great advice about the setup from the folks at Quality Captives when I bought my G&B auratus from them at the Midwest Reptile Show last October. Can't say enough good things about them. Hope to catch up with them later this month in Indy.

Other than the pump clogging and the occasional plant trim back, it has been fairly maintenance free. The frogs are doing fantastic...they really can chow down on FF :lol:

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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