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Hello to all at db. I am new to the terrarium scene and I just built my first terrarium. My pics are in my file. Please feel free to view them on pg 12. Anyways, water quality. When I started building my terrarium small pieces of the coco bedding fell down through the egg crate and now my water is starting to look a little dirty. not to bad yet so im just wondering how clean the water needs to be for my auratus?[/img]

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A lot of people just siphon it out and replace it periodically. Petco has a $20 submersible filter pump that contains a carbon cartidge. If you have room to put that somewhere in there, it might keep the water clearer longer.

Is there anywhere else that something other than gravel is touching the water like a log, or some leaves?

I wouldn't worry too much about it though. That tea colored water is more of an asthetic thing than any, it doesn't harm to the frogs.
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