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So, after months of hair pulling trying to get a design I liked, I finally just pulled the trigger and did my first viv. I have fire belly toads right now that this was designed for but maybe I can make a few changes, i.e. significantly lessen the water feature, for some darts.

lights: exo terra medium compact hood with 3 19-23w 1500+ lumen cfls (courtesy of neherp's lighting fixture deal)

background: great stuff gap filler foam (the yellow kind), ge1 silicone clear (only 100% I could find and didn't want to take the chance with anything else.) Some of the foam shows through because of the clear silicone and the yellow foam so I'll see what I can do about that. Covered that all with a 1:1 cocofiber and sphagnum/peat mixture. Hopefully I can get some moss coverage to hide those ugly spots where the foam shows through.

substrate: simple eggcrate false bottom with Dart Frog Connection substrate mix (got it from the San Diego rep show this past weekend... guys were super nice and helpful, thank you)

ground cover/moss: got some low growing moss courtesy of Manuran (thank you)

plants: 3xselaginella "pots" from local nursery and one fire brom (i think, also from Dart Frog Connection this past weekend.) Btw, DFC has an awesome 6 plant bundle for 30$ (2 broms, 1 orchid, 3 "regular" plants).

I got a jewel orchid too but don't know where/how to place it.. any tips?

.... I think that is about it. Hopefully I can get some good feedback/tips on the viv and hopefully I can help inspire a few people like I was.

Sorry about the pictures, don't know how to flip the pictures:confused:



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