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Night before last I found eggs in two different film containers in my vent tank. :D :D I am pretty sure that I have two males and two females. I took the film container out that had two eggs in it and gently put them in a petri dish. I left the other set in the tank, not sure how many eggs are in that one, at least 5 that I can see.
Anyway, it is a very big WAAAHOOO! for me. I have to do some reading up, I forget how long it takes for them to become tads. The one thing that bothered me is that there are some ff remains touching the egg mass but I don't want to try to remove it because I don't want to damage the eggs unless I really need to get the debris off.

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Congrats Rhonda, my recommendation is to try to get the FF remains off but otherwise leave the debris alone. When I first got eggs I would really clean them up and remove all the dirt from the frogs walking around the eggs. At that time I was getting some pretty low hatch rates too becuase I think that I was damaging the eggs. Now I leave them alone, anything touching the egg mass besides bad eggs stays until they hatch.
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