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These vriesea hybrids most often found in your local grocery store or hardware store (the ones with the yellow/red paddle shaped inflourescence) can make for very attractive specimen clumps once they pup and grow in. They have very nice deep axils and very nice shape. I have been using these for years and have always really liked them. So if you're not too picky about having specific types of broms or just need something real quick, these make a great choice. I figured I would post a few pics of some I have been growing for about 7 or 8 months.*

Plant #1. This plant is a little dehydrated as it has been out of a viv for a while.*

Plant #2. This plant has great shape and very compact. The dead leaves you see are the remains of the original mother plant.*

Plant #3. This plant is a little older and I bought it as a clump from a local greenhouse. It had been fertilized regularly so it is considerably larger than the two I grew out.*

If you are not picky with the type of broms you have or you just need some in a hurry, these are a great option!!

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