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A subject close to my heart. Or atleast the study organism of my thesis.

Lighting wise I would think they would be fine in a viv. Light saturation occurs in other photosynthetic orchid roots at around 300 umol/m2/s (full sun being around 2000). So they should do fine in the upper portions of a well lit setup. As for air movement, beacuse of how/where this species grows it tends to not get a lot of air stirred at its surface. So, stagnat might be good. But you have to rember that the velamen must be able to dry out. The other thing, and this is why most people lose them, is that they should either be mounted on a living or an inorganic substrate. The Florida Museum of Natural History grows all thier leafless species on plastic baskets. And Selby Botanical Gardens grows their D. lindenii on a potted Pond Apple.

There are maybe a dozen or so species of Dendrophylax out there, that range from Florida throught the Carribean and Central America. So it might not be that big of strech to think of dart setting on one of the flower, just not D. lindenii.
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