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Yep, I tried and failed


I had a Ghost Orchid I tried to raise in a vivarium...had no frogs in the tank. From what I was told from the source, the Ghost Orchid does not like much air movement as most orchids do and it also likes really high humidity and pretty high light...I gave it all those things but it did not thrive and eventually the roots started to turn brown and after a few months there was not much left green to speak of. I was very sad ....let me know if you have success. Who are you getting yours from...they are pretty hard to find and quite expensive when you do find them.

If you should find you have trouble with the Ghost Orchid you might try some of the Chiloschista orchids...also leafless orchids somtimes called the Asian Ghost Orchid, and they do really well in vivarium conditions with high lighting. My largest one just finish blooming and it was quite a sight as it had two spikes come out at the same time with each spike producing around 15 yellow/orange flowers each....really cool!

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