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So i decided, for months of searching the 18x18x24 with no luck and always out of stock, I’m gonna get the 18”inch cube (felt like i’m betraying people who help me chose a viv size and I’m sorry.).

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Here’s a rough sketch of what I’m planning to do.
An 18” inch cube lacks height, putting drainage layer and a substrate probably take 3 to 4 inches and that leaves a 15/14 inch height.
To maximize space, i won’t make a background and using hardscape as a climbing space. All wood is taken from outside ( rambutan branch cutting ) because i like the natural formation and been sterilize for now.
Drainage layer I’ll be using either leca or filter foam about 2 inches height. For substrate about 1 inch and generous layer of Catappa leaf litter.

The list of plants i will use:
2x neoregelia fireball
1x neoregelia chiquita linda
Philodendron scandens
Philodendron burle marx
Wandering jew
All of the plants will be focused on the left where the hardscape is since i want to make a bushy look.

Frogs I’m planning is a pair of Dendrobates tinctorius “azureus”
But any type of Dendrobates species is acceptable.

To be honest, I’m inspired by socratic monologue’s in situ vivs as it looks simple and provides the dart frog needs.

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Use the filter foam rather than the LECA. Foam won't wick.

If you could get a longer viv (24, 36") that would be much better, but yes getting equipment can be challenging.
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