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Does anyone know if the uni-directional arm misting heads, like those sold on, are available in the US for a reasonable price? I know I can purchase them from vivaria, but 16 euros is a lot of money.


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You can buy the parts from US stores and get the price down to around $10 - $12 each... You can even get the price down to around $8 if you buy in bulk. It is the only way to do a nozzle... Marty has a non-drip tip on his, but not sure what his final cost came out to be.

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I think it should be a week before I'll be able to start selling the misting nozzles. I'm working on my website right now.

here is what the nozzles will look like

To make it worth while for me I'll have to charging around $17-18 per nozzle... I wish I could do it cheeper, but unless I'll start buying things by the truck load I won't be able to bring it down. The only way is if I downgraded on the parts, I could sell them for about $13-14, which I don't want to do. All these pieces, except for the red nozzle, are imported from France... Red nozzle is imported from Israel. I probably spent $100 in long distance phone calls looking for all this stuff, Including a call to Tel Aviv...hehe - FBI is onto me now :shock:

Anyhow, this is a real premium nozzle, with a non drip tip. I'm sure the serious enough froggers would rather spend the extra few bucks and get a top notch setup. I'm also working on getting a hold of a timer that has a programmed sunrise and sunset on/off switch that changes with the calendar...I think it would be perfect for misting and lights.

I'll also have pumps, etc. More to come

Bgreen said:
OK the last company I used was Flowline

Hope this helps, but if Marty is going to sell the parts, you may want to wait.
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