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Viv Question/Idea for drain

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Hey there everyone ! first time poster, just got into frogs, dont have any yet, gtting viv set up.

i was thinking about using a pvc pipe to make a sort of cross at the bottom of the viv, with a pipe that sticks up through the false bottom, and the top of the piep is capped, and hidden under like a coconut hut or something simialar.

also i will be putting cobalt tincs in there.

or is there a better method? this seemed easiest to me. also i will probably be getting an auto mister such as the mist king

Thank you for input !

(pics of your setup would be super great if possible)

EDIT: also, recommended depth for a false bottom, it will be flat w/ no water features. Thanks again...thinking 3 inches?
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I'm assuming you are using a cross to drain the different parts of the viv. A simple straight piece of PVC stuck through your eggcrate should do fine. You can cut some notches on the bottom to allow water to flow through.

Seems like most false bottoms I've seen on here are 2-3 inches off the bottom.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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