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Visually sexing Leucs

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I know PDFs are hard to visually... Any experts want to take a crack at this one? It's about 8 months oow:
Sorry for blurred images... I will upload a better one when I get home.


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Got a bit more gowing to be sure, but I'm guessing female.
Just out of curiosity (I'm obviously a noob), but what traits would make this female?
As promised, a better photo:


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I am pretty new to PDFs but with my tincs, the male front toe pads are larger than the rear. The females have more arch than the males and tend to be a bit larger in overall size.

My guess is female but I have never raised this species (yet).
Leucs are very different.. I am also quite new.. and that frog is quite young but I am gonna go against the other two guys here based on my leuc experience and say male. Again just a shot in the dark until its older and starts calling or doesnt. I thought exactly like them until my frog built just like this started calling like crazy. Leucs dont match up with tinc traits in my experience.
Yes, toe pads are not very telling. Females are a lot bigger, plumper and have a more arched back than the males. Hard to tell until they are sexually mature though. I have a 'pair' ~ the same size as yours and I'm still not certain. My adults I can tell whos who from accross the room - real obvious.
You can start playing the D. leucomelas call back to your frog now. Males will start calling anywhere from 8-12 months. based on the "bony" back to this frog, I would think it was a male.

Good luck, Richard.
Thanks! I've been playing a 3.5 minute Leuc call that I snagged from iTunes. I play it for 5-10 minutes everyday when I mist or feed... I'm hoping to get some calling soon :)
I'm going to guess "male" too, but a picture from above would be helpful.
You are just going to be guessing until you actually see it call or produce eggs. I have 2 leucs, and for a year I swore it was a pair. I only ever saw the same one call, and the other was a little fatter. I put them in my new tank, and within 5 minutes I see both calling at the same time. Leucs are one of those frogs that are extremely difficult to sex, even with a group to compare one an other.
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