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Viquarium - Tetra Fauna

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Has anyone used Viquarium - Tetra Fauna in their dart frog enclosure? im just curious about the viability of using it. Thanks!
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Tetra came out with two models of that. I had both of them at one point or another. The first model was made out of molded plastic and had a waterfall and long stream. The other was poured resin and had a nice waterfall. I think either one would make a very nice centerpiece for a frog vivarium!

The way these were designed was to allow for a tank with both fish and a terrestrial critter. For PDFs, I would make some sort of false bottom around the Tetra Viquarium, and allow the pool of water to sit underneath the false bottom (i.e., the stream flows into a 'sinkhole', and into the false bottom, to be recirculated up the waterfall via the pump). PDFs don't use deep ponds.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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