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The thing that bothers me most is when people (usually the younger crowd) are so belligerent about being polite or using proper spelling and punctuation. They write things off the cuff without thinking them through and then apologize later for being rude. They write without using a spell check or even bother to include correct forms of punctuation. They do this, usually it seems, as a form of rebellion. All it is really doing is losing them respect in the community that they are trying to be a part of. Stop fighting so much and learn. You certainly must know some of the rules of capitalization so why not use them? No one is going to bust your chops if you miss spell something or miss a capital, but when you show such lack of care in your writing it makes us question how serious you actually are. If you're not really serious then why are you here in the first place?

Here is a link to rules for capitalization. It is not meant as disrespect. It is meant to teach and nothing more.
USC: Editorial Style Guide
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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