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Vertical Conversion Kits are on sale @ 15% off, and all supporting Complete Vivarium Kits & Plant Kits are marked down too. We heard the $1/gallon sale was running in most locations, and figured it would be the perfect time to offer up a great deal on building a vivarium in a vertically converted aquarium! We expect this sale to run through Friday 7/22.

Product Description: This Vertical Conversion Kit allows any enthusiast to transform a standard aquarium into a vertically oriented, front opening terrarium! With food-grade (T304) stainless steel hardware, an aluminum frame, & heavy duty fly proof screen mesh, you can rest assured our NEHERP Vertical Conversion Kits are built to last. This kit includes all the necessary parts (minus ASI Silicone & a razor), and is an easy DIY project for any adult enthusiast. Each kit installs with about 10-15 minutes of tinkering, plus 24-48 hours of curing time. Detailed instructions with photos are included with every kit sold.

Sale Links:
NEHERP Vertical Conversion Kits: 15% Off Until 7/22
NEHERP Complete Vivarium Kits: Save 10% Until 7/22
NEHERP Plant Kits: Save 15% Until 7/22

Thanks again & we look forward to working with you,
Mike & Jessica S.

PS: Never worked with us before? Check out our Vendor Feedback, here on Dendroboard. We never let our clients down!

If you have any questions at all, please email [email protected] or call/text (203)768-3414 instead of responding to this thread. We don't check Dendroboard as often as we check emails or voicemails, and we'd hate to keep you waiting!


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