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I set this tank up over the last year basically with reeds in mind and it will go on display at SIUC in the herpetology lab. May have some Heterixalus madagascariensis in it soon (Emily I tried to message you back ur box is full ;) )

The top is mostly pothos and creeping fig and gets pretty warm perfect for reed perching.

The middle zone has two species of hoya more, more creeping fig, stawberry begonia, two philodendron spp, monstera spp, columnea spp,and peperomia spp. There is also a bromeliad pup that I don't know the ID for.

The lower level has a pond with anubias spp, java moss, and peace lily growing out of it. There is a land portion with strawberry begonia, peace lily, pilea cadierei, pothos, and a starter cutting of christmas cactus that may or may not take.
The bottom pond area is much cooler than the upper level. some cuttings are still establishing but it will be very dense soon.



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