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I was wondering how many known color morphs are there and where can I find pictures of them. I have yet to get any frogs but I am considering these. I find the thumbnails a little more interesting than most of the larger frogs and have been reading that these would be the best thumb for a begginer. My search is starting to come to an end as far as which frog to start off with and I do appreciate all the help I have recieved so far. Also what is the aproximate going rate on the vents for a juvenille vent.

Thanks Again
Mike P.

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Whats up Scorp.
I think vents are a good choice. Vents are my favorite frog in my collection, because they are active, breeding, and amazing to look at. i have the ones from quality captives and i think i paid about $40 for them. It helps to be able to get stuff at the indy show so you dont have to ship. These are for the custom viv, are you still thinking about what to put in the twenty long. As far as color morphs i dont think we have much to chose from when talking about strictly "ventrimaculatus". There is some variation among leg color and back pattern. If you include amazonicus and stuff like that, which as far i can tell are real similar, then you have more variety. Amazonicus might be one of the coolest frogs out there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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