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Its one of those crazy things that make you cringe - but some how manages to work. Vents especially seem to deal with being in larger groups (5+) in small spots - it might have something to do with how they are in the wild? I imagine their choice areas in the canopy are condensed into certain areas where the broms/plant of choice are condensed to take advantage of a light spot in the canopy. Since they are naturally condensed, maybe they've developed less adult agression - but MAN do the tads make up for it. It could also explain the tadpole agression - living in small spots where there might only be enough resources for one tad at a time would explain the super aggression towards tads and eggs - they can't have a brom axil buddy and have them both do well.

I've heard of groups up to 10 living happy as a clam at high tide in a 10 gallon, breeding like rabbits. I'm currently frog sitting a group of five (I believe 2.4) in a 5.5 - I wasn't enthusiastic about the small space but they don't seem to have issues, and I've had calling and courting already ;) I might end up liking the buggers! lol.
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