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a lot of questions

Bromeliads vs Film canisters - which do they prefer? I honestly don't know. I only use the film canisters in my tank. I have found that my vents prefer the white/translucent film canisters to the black ones. If I put black ones in, they won't lay but put the other in...and they will lay.

I have a total of 5 vents in my enclosure. I also only have one male (that is why there are so many frogs in there....the females came to the male's call) oh....and get that grin off your face! :lol:

It has not been uncommon to pull over 30 eggs out of 2 film canisters in an evening. Because I have a little, worn out male he isn't as 'potent' as he could be and usually only 1/2 the eggs survive.

I will put 1 - 4 film canisters in the enclosure. The first ones go on the front glass and the others go on either side of the tank.

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